How to Do Hypnosis and Therapy the Erickson Way

Objectives of the Erickson Training Workshop:

How to Do Hypnosis the Erickson WayIn this 8 hr. edited video of the live, 3 day course, you will learn how to incorporate Dr. Erickson’s hypnosis approaches into your own style of therapy, using attention, expectation and natural metaphor in the therapeutic relationship.

Each day, there will be lecture/discussions followed by demonstrations and student practice work. Methods, case materials and theory will be presented too.

The course material is taught by three trainers:

  • Dr Betty Alice Erickson, (daughter of Milton H. Erickson and his early demonstration subject)
  • Dr Eric Greenleaf (first winner of the Milton H. Erickson Award for Scientific Excellence in Writing on Hypnosis), and
  • Dr John Dyckman (a student of Dr Erickson and experienced hypnotherapist) will present during the workshop, helping the class members to understand and to utilize these approaches in naturalistic hypnosis and therapy.

You will learn how to practice hypnosis with individuals, and also with couples, families and groups, and how to naturally blend these very useful techniques in your own style, making your therapy sessions more comfortable, feelingful and effective.

Participants in the videotaped live workshop, HOW TO DO HYPNOSIS AND THERAPY THE ERICKSON WAY said this:

This was the best course I have taken in the past 13 years, with teachings that immediately improved the work I am doing. It gave me a desire to study Ericksonian Hypnosis as no other theory/method has.
I loved the way the material was presented. It opened up my idea of what therapy is and can be to a whole different level. Your heartfelt skill just blew me away in the workshop. I feel deeply changed from the experience and eager to go on in this work.
– Cheryl Becker GCFP

I enjoyed the teaching and demonstrations. it was a delightful and enjoyable workshop.
With so many thanks for an amazing workshop! The course evaluation form seems terribly short for such a grand adventure.
-Tara Economakis UKCP

The course was a good grounding in Ericksonian hypnotherapy. I found the experiential exercises most helpful toward my deepening my use of hypnotherapy with my clients.
– Judith Nihei MFT

The course and teaching were excellent and will definitely sharpen my practice and my thinking about how to conceptualize the human mind. I came away wiser, more focused and relaxed than I had anticipated.
– Gregg Richardson PhD

I found the course very useful. I learned about types of trance, inducing trance and how to utilize trance in psychotherapy. I also learned about how to incorporate metaphor and stories in therapy for the purposes of healing and transformation.
I thought the teaching was excellent.
– Valerie Creane PsyC

I am thrilled to have participated and have been able to readily and intuitively use some new ideas.
– Teasy Ryken MA


Day 1: Hypnosis with Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

  • Eric Greenleaf [EG] Introduces the workshop and does his brief Hypnosis Warm-ups.
  • Didactic demonstrations of trance with individuals: How to attend to your patient absorbedly:
  • Betty Alice [BA]: arm levitation induction
  • John Dyckman [JMD]: Alkaseltzer for the Soul
  • EG: The “Dr Erickson Used To” Trance
  • Practice hypnosis.
  • EG Hypnosis with couples: “Two Minds, One Dream”
  • JMD & BA: Hypnosis with a Family
  • EG: Group trance: The Unconscious Mind.
  • Practice with couples, family groups, individuals.

Day 2: Therapy You Can Use: Approaches, Cases, Concerns

  • EG introduction to Day 2: What to listen for in patient narratives – listening for solutions = unconscious mind resources. Utilization, attention, expectation are important ideas.
  • BA: Michael’s Case, with explanation of how it worked.
  • JMD: Playing With Fire. Case, with explanation.
  • EG: Dogs Will Eat Anything. Case, with explanation.
  • Practice “Listening for Solutions”.
  • EG: Utilization – “Music for the Left Hand Alone”
  • JMD: “A Student’s Take on Dr Erickson’s Ways”
  • BA : “How to Approach Patients As Themselves, as Your Self”
  • Practice “A Problem in Common”.

Day 3: The Erickson Way: Telling Stories Where They Belong.

  • EG: Introduction to Storytelling: The exchange of stories is fundamental to Ericksonian hypnosis and therapy.
  • EGÑ “How I Completed My Therapy”
  • JMD: Using your patients’ own metaphor, image or trope as an induction and treatment: Case example.
  • BA: Helping your patient develop their metaphor and interact with it therapeutically. Case example.
  • EG: Principles of working realistically with images and metaphors: Case example,
  • “The Birdwatching Cure for Fear of Heights.”
  • Practice telling stories, asking questions: “How I learned to ride a bike,” “My favorite toy of childhood,” “What I dreamed at night”.
  • BA: Stories of My Father.
  • EG: “Preparing to Live; Preparing to Die”
  • JMD: The Person as Therapist: Marsha Linehan, Don Wood, Sullivan.
  • Practice: “Tell a Story to a Story”.
  • Closing trance: BA, EG, JMD
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